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21 May 2013: Moving

May 21st, 2013 alcons14

It has been a long day preceded by a very, very short period of time!

My name is Alexandra Constantine: rising senior at Holy Cross, lover of life. My areas of study include a major in English, a minor in French, and a concentration in Environmental Studies. I considered a double-major in time management, but that didn’t work out… I still don’t know why…

I stepped off the plane from Dijon, France only three days ago and am now sitting in a friend’s apartment in Worcester, MA, where I will be staying until summer housing opens at Holy Cross on June 2nd. Though I am thrilled to have a summer internship that truly matches my interests — thank you SIP (Summer Internship Program)! — it was still a little sad to only spend two full days in my hometown after ten months abroad. (Side-note: For anybody who is considering study abroad (and especially for those who are not,) I say: DO IT. After choosing to attend Holy Cross, this was the best decision of my college career. I promise that it is worth attending the hour-long informational meeting.) It looks like I’ll have a lot of moving these next few weeks, but I know it will be worth it; I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and am looking forward to my first day!

I came across an advertisement for this internship at three o’clock in the morning while I was checking my email (this was during a month where I tried to write a new cover letter every other day.) It had everything I was looking for in work experience: a job where I could apply my writing skills to advocate sustainable food growth and equitable commerce. On top of that, I would be gaining first-hand insight on what it would be like to work on a farm and at a non-profit organization. I am happy to say that I will be the Marketing Intern at World Farmers Inc. for the summer of 2013!

This is a new partnership with the SIP program, so I’ll give a brief description of the NGO I’ll be working for this summer:

World Farmers is a non-profit organization based in Lancaster, MA, that helps immigrants to the United States establish organic, sustainable vegetable plots on a cooperative called Flats Mentor Farm. Simultaneously overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, farmers learn to market their products so they can receive a fair price. WF provides the training, guidance and tools to start establishing oneself as a farmer in the United States. Surplus vegetables are sold personally, at markets, or through WF’s recently established CSA with Clover Food Labs. An emphasis on specialty food products—vegetables that are native to the farmers’ homes—is a unique aspect of the produce offered by the farm.

As a blogger for HC I’ll be keeping you posted on what goes on each week, providing photos and relaying my experience both as an intern and a curious student. I hope you enjoy my blog—who knows, maybe you’ll stop by one of our markets one day!

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