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Week Four: Rain and visitors!

June 17th, 2013 alcons14

Another seven days have gone by, and this time next week I’ll be halfway through my internship! Time keeps ticking.. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I would like to take a pause and note that I am having PC-Mac issues. At work, I use a Mac, but my entire life I’ve been using a PC. Now that I’m sitting at my desk, I keep reaching for a non-existant “command” button and it’s really quite distressing.. I refuse to become a mac person..

This past week brought three main things: buckets of rain, friends from HC, and a visit from my parents.


This [above] is the view from my seat in the office (it’s a very nice view I might add: a large window looking onto Main Street). If you pay attention to the street itself, you’ll notice how shiny and slippery it appears– that’s because it rained Monday through Thursday. Yes, that means office work all week and very few visits to the Flats. On one hand, quite  a lot was accomplished. On the other hand, I got a little stir crazy (I came home from work last Wednesday and one of my roommates said to me, “You need to get back to the Flats.” I was a little water logged too and must’ve been wilting.) But these are the things you learn in situations where there’s nothing to do but desk work: do I like sitting in an office all day? How do I keep myself motivated? What kind of pace suits me best? Every day you learn something about your work ethic.

Though as I said,  I accomplished quite a bit: I am practically finished with my biggest, most detailed map generated on GIS, I conducted and wrote up two very interesting interviews, and I started taking part in the grant-writing process.

I am very fortunate to be working closely with my two bosses, who give me just enough guidance and independence with my work. When Nicole and I found out that they were writing another grant, we both expressed interest in learning what it takes– and now we’re actually helping build the proposal! It’s hard work, but I’m really enjoying learning hands-on.

Moving to the weekend, it was such a nice surprise to see Megan, who I last saw in Rome, and Hannah, who I last saw on a Skype screen, this weekend. Megan is starting an internship in New Hampshire soon, and Hannah had to swing by as well– so we all met up on Friday night and Saturday morning, which was a ridiculously fun reunion. I would have to say that Brunch at Cafe Manzi’s was a great highlight, right before discovering a new thrift shop next door (finally got a new pair of jeans..)Though I did not get to spend too much time with the girls, it was great to enjoy time with them while I could.

Also, I think we all found a new favorite diner on Shrewsbury Street.

All in all, great to see these two while I could, and I look forward to trying to meet up again this summer.

But even when you’re in your home country and even if you’re staying at HC, home away from home, it’s still nice to see your parents when you get the chance. Mine made it up on Saturday afternoon, and we got to spend a lot of time outside (because FINALLY the sun decided to shine!) hiking in state parks and enjoying the good weather. (I was also a good daughter and made my dad a Seven Layer (it was actually only six layers) cake for Father’s day!) We of course made our traditional dinner visit to Red Robin this afternoon… there are always those rituals that come with visiting HC.

Sunset at Wachusset Mountain

A busy week and it doesn’t end there– but it’s time to sleep! I should probably try to get at least seven hours in before the school year starts up again, right?

Until next time!

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