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Week 8: Doing things “The Farmer’s Way”

July 9th, 2013 alcons14

Week three of the Flats Mentor Farm CSA went very well—a lot less mosquitoes this time with the still water drying up. We’re finally getting some sun and heat in Lancaster, which has already been a great reprieve from the weather we experienced in June (I would like to note that this is probably the first time that what I do at a job depends so seriously on uncontrollable weather conditions). On Friday afternoon I recall walking about the farm taking my weekly “before and after” photos at my usual four photo spots; as I walked up the driveway, I could not help but look at the land to my left. There was a giant expanse of green. And though I momentarily tricked myself into believing that someone had come to the farm over our two-day Fourth of July break and packed up a high tunnel, I soon came to realize that nothing was actually missing—it was just the first time in over a month that this large patch of land was dry. Thank goodness, the farmers can get back to re-planting!

Despite the flooding, we really filled up those share boxes for week three. There was even some water spinach, which was a new addition amongst other vegetables and herbs that we usually put in the shares (cilantro, Chinese spinach, mint, mixed greens, scallions…).

I have been given some really interesting assignments for this week—among a farmer interview that I need to write up, I’m gathering information for a report on the effects of increase precipitation on the Flats. This has required me to do some research that brings me back to the days of An Inconvenient Truth and Conservation Bio—and honestly, it frightens me. Here at the Flats I’ve actually seen and experienced the slow but sure effects that global warming is taking on the earth… year by year things are getting worse, but the change is so gradual that others who are not directly affected refuse to notice it…
On a brighter note, we had a fun task in the office today: we learned how to install curtains “The Farmer’s Way”, or in other words, we worked with what we had and succeeded! My boss measured the front window and whipped up some curtains this morning so that by 1:30 pm we were on a ladder and hanging up our new block from the sun. I’m glad to say that I helped in the process, and that we now have a significant source of shade!



Other fun things: as I noted earlier, we had off on July 3rd and 4th last week. I took a lot of the free time to work on applications for plans post-Holy Cross, but I also spent a good deal of time with friends and relaxing (it was vacation, after all). We had breakfast at Culpeppers (and I must say as a New Yorker that their bagels aren’t half bad!), “barbecued” in an apartment kitchen, and watched the Twilight Zone before taking a walk on campus before sunset.

And oddly enough, I saw fireworks on the 3rd instead o the 4th—my friend Emma and I drove over to Cristoforo Colombo park on Shrewsbury Street for a great orchestra concert that accompanied a surprisingly long and well-put-together fireworks show! There were food trucks, which mean there was ice cream, which means we had to indulge.

On Friday afternoon I started what would be a weekend full of travel: I drove back home to meet up with friends from high school. It was nice to be in the same room with so many of them after being gone for so long… interning in another state after being abroad for a year is a great opportunity but also makes it more difficult to see those I have been missing for over ten months now. But I am glad that I’m close enough to be able to make such a drive, only to get up in the morning and go over to Connecticut to visit some family, which was a great two days. By Sunday night I was heading back to Holy Cross, preparing for that CSA… what can I say, it’s a busy summer.

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