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Three days left

July 28th, 2013 alcons14

Ten weeks are up this Wednesday. And though it is hard to believe that my time at World Farmers is almost over, looking back at my first day seems a little distant. From helping set up corn plots to mapping them out on GIS, from advertising for the CSA to helping pack and deliver on Mondays, it’s gratifying to see end results from the work I’ve been assigned since day one. I still have the print-out sheet that lists all of my tasks for the summer internship, describing what my responsibilities are for the CSA, social media, for various deadlines and during the quieter days at the office.

CSA half-share

Arlington Farmers Market

FMF Produce at the Davis Square Farmers Market

This past week we really filled up the CSA share-boxes. It was a way of compensating for the first week we lost during the flood– as a result, the half-shares amounted to full-share size while full-shares were simply overflowing. With unforeseen complications in distributing at our normal location in Cambridge, the Central Square market manager was kind enough to provide us with the necessary space for a second week in a row. Funny enough, I got to meet him in person on Wednesday, when I went out and visited the Arlington and Davis Square Farmers Markets to see some of our Flats Mentor Farm vendors in action!

The same day I went out to the farmers markets, we also had a Pest Management Training with an employee from UMass Extension. It was one of the hotter days we experienced, but the meeting turned out to be very worthwhile. As I have been learning over my time here, the language of images is a true blessing– between the combination of specially designed posters and being on-site, plus the help of a reliable translator, communication was easily facilitated.

Nicole (the other intern, if you missed this in a previous post) and I have been lucky enough to work very closely with our two bosses throughout our internships. Since we are soon leaving World Farmers, they were kind enough to take us out to an “intern appreciation” lunch on Thursday. It was a very nice, relaxing meal at a nearby Portuguese restaurant. Everyone had some sort of fish. My boss encouraged us all to try her Octopus tentacle… it was actually very good!

And though I’m not particularly one for small talk, the weather always comes up when I write about my internship because I have never had a job so dependent on it. We had a few very bright, hot, sunny days– and by the end of the week, it was sheets of rain again. I worked the Lancaster Farmers Market under the shade of our tent, and was surprised to see that a fair amount of people were still dedicated enough to stop by. The rain allowed me to get some office work done on Friday too, writing up some of the interviews I had yet to translate from notes to story.

Only three days left….

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