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It has been busy– a quick update!

June 9th, 2013 alcons14

I think I’ll invest in a watch soon– time goes by hauntingly quickly.  Though technically I have only spent twelve working days at World Farmers (I started on Wednesday the 22nd and had off the following Monday for memorial day,) I have also been there over the span of three weeks. What needs to be factored into the beginning of my ten-week internship is my living situation– the reason why time seems to be moving faster than ever.

Let me explain:

World Farmers needed me to start on May 22nd, only four days after I arrived home from a year abroad in Dijon, France. Holy Cross has a great summer housing program (we are in the senior apartments this year!) but move-in day was not until June 2nd. So I spent the first week and a half of my internship at a friend’s off-campus house near Clark University (funny story: I actually met Kathleen, the friend whose house I stayed at, while studying in Dijon. I just had to travel half way around the world to befriend someone who has been studying in the same city as I have for the past two years!) My time at Clark was well spent, Kathleen’s roommates– who had never even met me before arrival, and who would be welcoming me without Kathleen, who was still in France at the time– were extremely kind, trusting, and fun. It is nice to know that there are such generous people willing to help out at every turn!

On June 2nd, I moved into Holy Cross summer housing, where I was roomed with one of my best friends from school out of pure chance, and her two wonderful roommates. From the moment I received the email notification of my housing situation, I knew that this summer would be great.

I am posting this quick update on where I’m living at the moment to express why it has been so difficult to post. On Tuesday night I will fill in the gaps on what has been going on these past three(ish) weeks with photos and stories. Until then, please excuse me– it has been a whirlwind between changing continents and then cities.

Goodnight everyone!

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